1. SL-BUS is the technology platform developed by Indian techies specially for Indian market needs,that enables your Home & Office to interconnect to world  
    "Internet of Things"                
    "SL-Bus" IoT Technology powered By : www.vadactro.org.in

India is an emerging economy with huge projected growth, the number of electrical/electronic appliances and consumers are growing rapidly leading increased demand for more power requirement. On the other hand, knowing the fact of having limited sources of power generation,  conservation of energy is the best approach to solve this problem. Smart Lighting is a real need for India and SL-BUS Technology solution offers innovative, modular unique and affordable method to solve this problem smartly.

SL-BUS Technology based Marvell’s semiconductors "IoT" product and is designed to ensure energy efficiency, and include automated control and configuration (local as well as remotely through cloud infrastructure). Smart data driven algorithms leads to automated and manual controls that adds more value to the solution. Example- occupancy, usage history, etc. ensuring lower energy usage and high cost savings.