About us 

Smart Living Home Automation Pvt. Ltd., India's First "IOT" based, two Wired Bus & Wireless (Wi-Fi) operated Modular / Retrofit / Centralized / Home & Office Automation Solution completely Designed, Developed and Manufactured 100% in India.


We are an Technology company in the field of automation having revolutionary solutions & product portfolio for residential & commercial.

Our product range is based on our own communication platform,  "SL- Bus" developed by http://sl-bus.vadactro.org.in/ which is back-word compatible with  DALI - IEC 62386. An international standard used worldwide for lighting automation. O ur complete indigenous  R&D state of art capabilities,we have successfully developed & deployed more adaptable and better version, End-to-end solutions of Smart-Home's & Office Automation to fulfill upcoming market needs.   

Keeping in mind Indian market various needs , Conditions, & Liking were we have specially extended for easy integrated solutions to meet all the requirement in residential , commercial & industrial  Connected lighting & IOT solutions in cost effective and upgraded technology..       

So what we have is basically a single smart switch as  " One Switch Many Functions"  &  features like scene controlling, Light - dimming, RGB Controller, Door lock controller ,Water level, Motion, Temperature and Humidity sensors, IR blaster, VRF (HVAC) specialty seamless dimming support for phase cut, leading-edge , trailing-edge ,  0 -10V, (anolog), DALI, PWM , D MX etc, connecting world of Cloud control, Voice control over Amazon’s Alexa as well as Apple’s Home kit as well as Google, all of which can be controlled and programmed through our app & any third party controllers vie. our open api's ( sdk ).