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1. Innovation Meets Simplicity Smart Living Home Automation Pvt. Ltd. 5, Kalika Plaza, Mumbai - Naka, Agra Road, Nashik – 422011 (India). Phone: +91 9822415601, Email: , SL - WCMC - STD - SmartLiving Curtain Motor Controller Standard Introduction : The SL - WCMC - STD is a SmartLiving Curtain Motor Controller to control AC Powered Dual Channel Motor used for motorized curtains. It delivers greatly enhanced functionality as part of complete SmartLiving® automation system. This device offers two channels to be connected to the two motor connections that work in synergy to achieve forward and reverse motor rotation. This controller is uniquely addressed, configurable, and controlled i ndependently over SL - Bus Technology. It also has local push - button interface to control Open/Close operation manually. This controller supports all the features exposed on SL - Bus, like grouping (zoning), invoking pre - set scenes (Specific Curtain Position) for dynamic ambiance/mood creation which is the most demanding feature for architectural automation. . It is designed to be installed easily on the . standard wall sockets and compatible with your existing electrical wiring (100% retrofit). SL - WCMC - STD along with other companion SmartLiving devices offers state of art cutting edge technology through easy and user friendly UI for control and configuration on the smart devices . Feature : • Two Channels integrated in one module to control double winding motor for bidirectional rotation • Basic Control Open/ Close, Additional Step - Open/ Step - Close Control • Wired and Wireless Connectivity for Control and Configuration, Wi - Fi and Wired (SL - BUS communication protocol) • Wi - Fi Direct as well as Cloud Based Connectivity t o Control from Anywhere • Backlited indication for locating buttons in the dark • Programmable Backlited LED intensity to suit your need • Stylish, Innovative, Modular and Compact design • Advanced Zoning, Scene control supported for curtain motor operation • S hort Circuit Protection through on device fuse implementation • SmartSwitching@ZeroCrossing: This increases life of the load connected to the switch • Programmable upto 65 Sec Max Curtain Run Time (Default set to 5 Seconds) • Supports All AC Powered Two Chann el Curtain Motors • Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wi - Fi Standards • Built - in Scheduler • Automatic Firmware upgrade over the air • Offers additional Cloud based communi cation to Control from Anywher e System Requirement: • SL - BPS to power the SmartLiving - Bus ( optional, if you are networking the devices over wired bus) • Android smart device running Android 2.3 or 4.0 or higher with Wi - Fi connectivity • SmartLiving Configurator App to configure the device (downloadable from Play Store) • SmartLiving User App to control the system (downloadable from Play Store)

2. Innovation Meets Simplicity Smart Living Home Automation Pvt. Ltd. 5, Kalika Plaza, Mumbai - Naka, Agra Road, Nashik – 422011 (India). Phone: +91 9822415601, Email: , Wiring Diagram : Front View Top View c urtain R Reverse N F Forward L N Neutr al Technical Specification : Power AC Input Universal Range 90 - 264VAC, 47 - 63 Hz/4Amp(Max) Maximum Load Capacity 400Watts/Channel,2Amp Max Per Channel Ohmic Current Load Idle Power Consumption Less than 0.2W(Average) Communication Stand ards 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n compatible (Internal Antenna) Wi - Fi Tx power +14+/ - 2dBm (Max) Control Inputs Local Buttons/Channel Button - 1 & Button - 3 for Open, Button - 2 & Button - 4 for Close operation Control and Configuration Wi - Fi and 2 - Wire SL - BUS for advanced control & configuration Environmental Operating Temperature - 10°C...+70°C Humidity 95% RH y, non - condensing Usage Indoor/Dry location use only Mechanical Mounting/Fittings Snap fit type/ front side insertion into support frame Dimension/ Weight 42(W) x 42(H) x 50(D) (in mm)/ 120gm Connector Type Screw Less Type, COLOR Coded Connector Contacts LIVE, NEUTRAL, CH1, CH2, SL - BUS1, SL - BUS2 Safety Protection 4A Fast blowing fuse, Load Over current Protection Approvals ISI, CE (in progr ess) Package Contents: • 1 SL - WCMC - STD device • 2 Extra Fuses for replacement purpose R


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