Introduction :

The SL-BPS is a SmartLiving-Bus Power pack is a current regulated power supply unit that provides stable power for the SmartLiving-Bus which is the communication backbone of SmartLiving automation devices. SL-BPS offers two functionalities (i) It provides the power to the communication bus so that all the devices can exchange their data over the bus seamlessly in the noisy environment (ii) it also act as input power supply for some of devices on the bus. For ex: Devices like SL-SCN (SmartLiving Scene Controller) is a bus powered device, it abstracts needed power from the communication bus for its operation, SL-BPS fulfils this need. Overall SL-BPS along with other companion SmartLiving devices offers energy efficient, reliable, flexible, state of art cutting edge technology in the field of home automation.

Features :

• 3Watts output power, energy efficient (above 80%) SMPS design
• Integrated SmartLiving-Bus Power Supply Unit
• PowerGood LED indication
• BUS Short Indication
• Protection against accidental Bus connection Short Circuit
• Short Circuit Protection through on device fuse implementation
• Stylish, Innovative, Modular and Compact design

Technical Specification :

Power AC Input Universal Range 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz/4Amp(Max)
Output 20VDC ±0.5% , 120mA (Max), Power O/P limited to 2.4W
Power Supply Efficiency 0.81%
Inrush Current (<500us) 25 A max. (115 VAC) / 45 A max. (230 VAC)
Control Inputs Local Buttons/Channel Button-1 for ON/UP and Button2 for OFF/DOWN Control
Control and Configuration WiFi and 2-Wire SL-Bus for advanced control & configuration
Environmental Operating Temperature -10°C…+70°C
Humidity 95% RH y, non‐condensing
Usage Indoor/Dry location use only
Mechanical Mounting/Fittings Snap fit type/ front side insertion into support frame
Dimension/Weight 42(W) x 42(H) x 50(D) (in mm)/ 120gm
Connector Type Screw Less Type, COLOR Coded
Connector Contacts LIVE, NEUTRAL, CH1, CH2, SL-BUS1, SL-BUS1
Safety Protection 4A Fast blowing fuse, Load Over current Protection
Approvals ISI, CE (in progress)

System Requirement :

• SL-BPS is generally used to power the SL-Bus, to communite all the SmartLiving devices over wired control.
• There must be only one SL-BPS device on one Wired network.
• This is a special power supply unit and do not need any other device of it's operation,
whereas it helps wired networked devices to communicate with each other

Product Ordering Information :



Ordering P/N

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Package Contents :

• 1 SL-WSW-2CH-RL device
• 2 Extra Fuses for replacement purpose