Introduction :

The SL-WC-SCN-STD is a Wi-Fi communicator and Scene controller delivers greatly enhanced functionality as part of A complete SmarLiving® automation system. This device offers two distinct functionalities (a) Wi-Fi communicator works as independent gateway to communicate the information from proprietary SmartLiving-Bus over Wi-Fi network (b) Scene controller has four buttons that provides control on the wall. It is designed to be installed easily on the standard wall sockets. SL-WC-SCN-STD along with other companion SmartLiving devices offers state of art cutting edge technology through easy and user friendly UI for control and configuration on the smart devices.

Features :

• 4-Buttons Wall Scene Controller that offiers dynamic maximum 16 scene control triggers
• Basic Control ON/OFF, Additional Dimming Control
• Wired and Wireless Connectivity for Control and Configuration, WiFi and Wired (SL-Bus communication protocol)
• WiFi Direct as well as Cloud Based Connectivty to Control from Anywhere
• Backlited indication for locating buttons in the dark • Programmable Backlited LED intensity to suite your need
• Advanced Zoning, Scene control supported for mood lighting
• Stylish, Innovative, Modular and Compact design
• Short Circuit Protection through on device fuse implementation
• SmartSwitching@ZeroCrossing: This increses life of the load connected to the switch • Programmable, Supports SmartLiving-Bus communication protocol
• Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Standards
• Built-in Scheduler
• Automatic Firmware upgrade over the air

Technical Specification :

Power AC Input Universal Range 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz/4Amp(Max)
Input Inrush Current(<500us) 20 A max. (115 VAC) / 50 A max. (230 VAC)
Idle Power Consumption Less than 0.2W(Average),1W Max (Peak Power Consumption)
Control Inputs Local Buttons/Channel Button-1 to Button-4 for involink Programmed Scene controls manually
Control and Configuration WiFi and 2-Wire SL-Bus for advanced control & configuration
Environmental Operating Temperature -10°C…+70°C
Humidity 95% RH y, non‐condensing
Usage Indoor/Dry location use only
Mechanical Mounting/Fittings Snap fit type/ front side insertion into support frame
Dimension/Weight 42(W) x 42(H) x 50(D) (in mm)/ 120gm
Connector Type Screw Less Type, COLOR Coded
Connector Contacts LIVE, NEUTRAL, CH1, CH2, SL-BUS1, SL-BUS1
Safety Protection 4A Fast blowing fuse, Load Over current Protection
Approvals ISI, CE (in progress)

System Requirement :

• SL-BPS to power the SmartLiving-Bus (optional,if you are networking the devices over wired bus)
• Android smart device running Android2.3 or 4.0 or higher with Wi-Fi connectivity
• SmartLiving Configurator App to configure the device (downloadable from Play Store)
• SmartLiving User App to control the system (downloadable from Play Store)
• Other SmartLiving devices to form the complete system (Refer SL-SYS-APPNOTE.pdf)

Product Ordering Information :



Ordering P/N

For CONA Fittings







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Package Contents :

• 1 SL-WC-SCN device
• 2 Extra Fuses for replacement purpose